liblightmodbus 3.0
A lightweight, header-only, hardware-agnostic Modbus RTU/TCP library
liblightmodbus - a lightweight, header-only, hardware-agnostic Modbus RTU/TCP library

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This is the reference manual for version v3.0 of the liblightmodbus library.

If you're looking for documentation for older versions, please visit:

About this release

Version v3.0 brings the most changes in the history of liblightmodbus. Majority of the source code has been rewritten from scratch. The library is now header-only, which makes it much easier to compile on different platforms. This release also introduces support for Modbus TCP, improved error handling, and a much more elegant API.

All these changes resulted in a significant binary size reduction (around 2x) and more maintainable and flexible code.

If you suspect you found a bug in liblightmodbus, please open an issue on GitHub. If you have any questions about the usage please ask them in GitHub issues as well. Hopefully this will help to form some kind of a FAQ list after some time.

If you find liblightmodbus useful in your work and would like to support it somehow, please consider making a donation.

Getting started